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Welcome to Phoenix Elite, the LiveJournal sorting community based on Harry Potter that features contests, house unity, discussions and debates, and much more. To join, go to phoenixsort and fill out the application. We hope to see you soon!

This is an all ages community, but we do abide by LiveJournal's rule: No one under the age of 13.

Your journal must be one month old. This is to keep sock puppet journals out.

Elaboration is key when it comes to questions. When answering the questions, please have your answers be at least five sentences. A few words to answer a question isn't going to get a good feel for a house.

Please use proper grammar and spelling. It's understandable if English is not your first language, but please use spell check when posting your application.

You have 24 hours from the posting of your application if there are any HTML mistakes as well as any spelling/grammatical errors in the application. If you change any content or delete your application, you will be automatically banned from the community.

No more than 15 applications that are in the queue will be dropped on Wednesday, and will be stamped by the following Wednesday.

If you are not sorted into a house and have an application waiting to be sorted, please wait until you have been stamped to vote on applicants. Current members may vote on applicants as they are dropped.

House bashing, as well as any other bashing, is not acceptable. We run on the three strike rule. One strike: warning. Two strikes: warning and house points will be taken away from your house total. Three strikes: you will be asked to leave.

Please do not reply to votes, as it disturbs the tally.

Have fun with this community. It's about what you want to make it, as well as any ideas from the Heads of Houses.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Heads of Houses through Private Messaging.

Please place the name of the house that you are voting the applicant into the subject line of your comment.

You may use a no vote vote for those who feel that the applicant have not elaborated enough. Some people are not okay with being very wordy, and that's okay. If you feel that you cannot get an accurate feel for a house in the person, please explain why. A no vote applicant may re-apply in three weeks time.

You may also use a Muggle vote if you feel that the applicant has been pushing themselves into a certain house.

If you do not sign your vote with a signature tag (sigtag) or type out your name/alias and house, you will not be awarded the points for that vote.
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