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  • What memories would you put in your pensive?
    Anything worth remembering, I'll keep safely in my head.

  • What memory would you visit the most often?
    I think I just made this question null.

  • What do you wish to accomplish in life?
    I want to be successful and respected by the people around me. I don't need to be the best, so long as those I am with know who I am.

  • Where do you see yourself in ten years?
    Graduated and teaching math in a nearby middle school. Probably sharing a place with an SO. Happy, financially safe, and comfortable with my job and life.

  • What do you see when you look at yourself in the Mirror of Erised?
    I don't see me at all; I see people I pass in the hall, my old high school class, and the people I work with. I am not there but they look like they know whatever I'm up to.


  • Do you consider yourself a leader or follower?
    I'd rather not be either...I don't have what it takes to be a leader, but I'm too prideful to be a follower. I'd rather not be responsible for other people, but I don't like to be babysat.

  • What would you do if you had a time turner?
    I would put it on my fictional mantelpiece and bring it up when I had houseguests in order to flaunt my worldliness. Failing that, I'd go to the racetracks and then go back in time by an hour to bet large amounts of money on the winner.

  • What do you think your top 5 positive characteristics are?
    1. Focused - I'm very driven to accomplish what I do and pay close attention to my goals.
    2. Easy-going - I don't have a lot of strict rules when I interact with others and am not difficult to get along with.
    3. Cynical - I don't take everything at face value, and I don't take things for granted. I don't get into stupid relationships.
    4. Logical - I put thought into what I do and my words, and I like to think I make smart choices. I value when others seem to take a closer look at things.
    5. Clever - I am pretty smart. I like that about myself. I would not say I'm one of the most intelligent people I know, but I can hold my own on the internet.

  • What do you think your top 5 negative characteristics are?
    1. Prideful - Sometimes I just don't know when to back down if my personal pride is on the line.
    2. Money-grubbing - I am all about earning an extra buck where I can, saving, and exploiting the system.
    3. Unmotivated - I don't have any greater purpose in life or a cause, and I don't particularly want one.
    4. Apathetic - I could care less about little problems and global problems, and extend my attention only to those close to me. I don't act unfriendly to people, but I don't go out of my way to care about anything that's not immediately important to me.
    5. Cynical - I am not an open or friendly person, and I doubt what people say and sometimes challenge their beliefs and assertions if they seem unrealistic.


  • Who would you be friends with at Hogwarts?
    I think I'd get along with Percy as long as we were on the same level. I think I would get along well enough with Fred and George, though not at their crazier moments. I would probably talk to Hermione and Neville occasionally and have a decent talk, and I think I could interact with Draco Malfoy later on in the series, if he weren't whining or bragging.

  • Taking into consideration that the wizard chooses his or her Patronus, what would yours be?
    I never realized that they chose their own Patronuses, but I guess mine would be an armadillo. They're fascinating animals, and they're built to defend themselves - it could easily take care of me as well. They're also kind of cute and not too big.

  • Have you read all of the Harry Potter books? If yes, which one did you enjoy the most? If not, which one is your favourite so far?
    No. I'm on the fifth book. So far, I enjoy the fifth a lot, but my favorite was the Chamber of Secrets. My favorite movie was the first movie, but the Chamber of Secrets is my favorite book so far. I liked how little things like the roosters dying and Harry hearing the basilisk all added up in the end, and there were funny moments as well. Lockhart was an amusing character; I think he was my favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, because he's so nonsensical. I also liked Tom Riddle's diary and his fight with Harry. The diary was a very cool idea.

  • Choose a quote from any of the Harry Potter books and make sure to cite who said it. Explain why this quote is your favourite.
    "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals." - Sirius
    It's just true and a good observation from Sirius, who has a tendency to make bad decisions himself. It's smart advice.

  • Name: Brian
  • Age: 23
  • How did you find Phoenix? Searched "sort" and "harry potter" in the livejournal search option for communities & people
  • What made you first start reading the Harry Potter series? I like the movies a lot, and I have friends who enjoy the books, so I started reading them. I am having a good time with that. :)
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