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No New Applications

There's three apps waiting to be sorted right now. This coming Sunday, February 21, there's going to be a new application with new questions - some of them staying the same, but a few of them are going to be different.

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Important Reminder!

We have two applications hanging out here that need votes. Please just take a couple of minutes to get those votes in so we can get them stamped. Neither application is terribly long, so it should literally only take you a few minutes to get through the applications. If we want to have this community succeed we have to get our voting done.

Thanks so much for your time.

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Gryffindor Weasley

Sample Application

This is a resource for anyone that needs to see how an application should be filled out. You cannot comment here. If you have questions in regards to how to fill out an application, please feel free to contact any mod or head of house.

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