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  • What memories would you put in your pensive?
    As a kid, I was always happiest when I was writing. I'd hang out in my grandparents' backyard, writing fanfiction, haha. I'd definitely want to hang on to those memories. And any time I went out roller skating. My grandfather taught me when I was, like, four, and we'd always go out to the rink on Saturday afternoons, then out for lunch.

  • What memory would you visit the most often?
    The morning I wrote my first story. It was four in the morning, my grandfather and I were getting ready to take a trip to Pennsylvania to go to the flea markets, and inspiration just struck me. I ran all over the house, grabbing any bit of looseleaf paper I would find, and I wrote the first few chapters of my first story in the car. It was my first EUREKA moment! XD

  • What do you wish to accomplish in life?
    I definitely want to complete a novel. With my habit of procrastination (and yes, a touch of outright laziness), this is going to be difficult, but I think once I get myself grounded and level-headed, I'll get there.

  • Where do you see yourself in ten years?
    I stopped specifically planning the future after I left high school and realized things weren't going to work out the way I planned, but I'm cool with just going with it for now. I'd like to be actually doing something in ten years, like start a career. Maybe teaching, maybe something computer-related, I don't know. But I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out and where life takes me. Maybe tomorrow I'll want to be a ballerina or a firefighter?

  • What do you see when you look at yourself in the Mirror of Erised?
    I see myself secure and grounded and content. That doesn't sound like much, but my childhood was filled with constant moving around and financial troubles. At this point in my life, I think I would define happiness as security. Not having to worry about having enough money to pay bills, or rent. Just being secure in the thought that if something bad happens, I can pull myself out of it and move on.


  • Do you consider yourself a leader or follower?
    A bit of both, really. I have no problem taking orders or being directed by other people. Authority figures tend to like me, because when I have to, like at work, I do what I'm told with little complaint. If it's my job, or if there's a good reason, I'll do what I'm told to the best of my ability as quickly as possible. When I need to be a leader, however, I find I can step up to the plate pretty well. My last job, I was a part-timer at a very small library. Literally, we were a store front with books. There were four employees in the entire place, and only three of us worked at any one time. There were a few times when a co-worker would be on vacation, and another would call out sick, and I would end up having to stay the whole day and run the place (they'd send over someone to keep an eye out because I was still just a part-timer, but they weren't really there to *run* things). I loved being in charge, making things move smoothly, solving problems on my own. I think I can easily switch from leading to following and back again without too much hassle. ^.^

  • What would you do if you had a time turner?
    I would go back and apply for this academicly-advanced high school in my town that I passed up when I was a teenager. I didn't apply because I didn't want to leave my friends behind, but those friends turned pretty fickle very quickly, and I've always regretted not applying. It definitely would have looked good on a college transcript.

    I would also go back and spend time with my grandmother. She passed away when I was young, and I never really got a chance to get to know her.

  • What do you think your top 5 positive characteristics are?
    1. I pick up on things quickly. You usually only need to show me how to do something once, and I can take it from there.

    2. I'm a really good listener. My friends tend to turn me when they need to unload, and I try my best to help them out. I always feel really bad when I'm not able to give a friend advice.

    3. I try to be generous with my time and money. I had a rough time financially as a kid, and I try to remember that other people need help, and every little bit helps. I remember all the people that helped my family when we needed it, and I try to pass that along to other people.

    4. In my adult years, I seem to have developed a "take it as it comes" attitude when it comes to life. I consider this a plus, if only because it means I stress out less, and am therefore able to tackle problems with a clear head. I don't sweat the small stuff.

    5. I love to laugh. I don't take myself very seriously, and I love to joke around and make people smile. I like brightening people's days.

  • What do you think your top 5 negative characteristics are?
    1. I am a big ol' gossip. I try to curb the habit, but sometimes I can't help myself. I love knowing what's going on, and I love talking about it with other people (not that I can't keep secret, haha ^.~)

    2. I procrastinate like crazy! If I don't really want to do it, and it can be put off, I'll put it off as long as possible. Unless you get on my case. I only get lazy if people let me get away with it. XD

    3. I'm moody and sensitive sometimes. It takes *a lot* to make me truly upset, but when I am, my mood can turn pretty quick. I tend to avoid going online or talking to friends until my mood passes.

    4. I get bored with things easily, unless they *really* hold my attention. I tend to start things and never finish them. My attention is all over the place sometimes.

    5. I'm stubborn. I hate being told I'm wrong about something. I have this urge to argue my side even after I've lost the argument. Lately, I've been learning to calm down and let the small stuff go.


  • Who would you be friends with at Hogwarts?
    I'm the kind of person who would have friended people like Luna. I was always kind of an outcast and a wallflower as a kid, and I seem to seek those people out when making friends. I've always been friends with the people no one else was friends with. My group of friends in high school were kind of like that: just a bunch of stray people who found each other and decided to start hanging out, regardless of our different backgrounds and personalities.

    Plus, I think Luna's cool, and would make an awesome lunch buddy. The conversations we could have!

  • Taking into consideration that the wizard chooses his or her Patronus, what would yours be?
    Mine would definitely be feline, probably of the house cat variety. I've always kind of identified with cats, affectionate with the people they trust, but with their limits. They like being social, but they also like being left alone every now and then.

  • Have you read all of the Harry Potter books? If yes, which one did you enjoy the most? If not, which one is your favourite so far?
    YES. My favorite so far has been Order of the Pheonix. Despite killing my favorite character (SIRIUS NOOOOOOO), this is the book where you really start learning that not everything is happy and fun and kid-friendly. GoF started it off, but imo, this is the book that announced that things are getting worse, and they're not gonna get much better from here.

  • Choose a quote from any of the Harry Potter books and make sure to cite who said it. Explain why this quote is your favourite.
    The world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters. We've all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are. -Sirius Black, Order of the Pheonix (movie)
    I'm totally cheating and using a movie quote, but this one just spoke to me. I feel it sums up one of the messages of the books perfectly: the person you become isn't determined by blood or circumstance, but by the choices you make. It doesn't matter what family you come from, or where you grew up, in the end it's all about what you choose to make of yourself.

    Also, this quote gives us a really interesting insight into Sirius's character. I remember Ms. Rowling once said (and this is paraphrased, of course) that Sirius was very good at *giving* advice, but he wasn't always so good at applying it to himself. While the above quote is very inspirational and insightful, Sirius's emotions sometimes got away from him. When he truly hates someone, his passion sometimes overrides his own philosophy. I can sympathize with that.

  • Name: Vanessah
  • Age: 22
  • How did you find Phoenix? jessilestrange mentioned applying here on AIM, and I'd been looking for other sorting comms.
  • What made you first start reading the Harry Potter series? My mother bought me a copy when I was 11, and I avoided reading it for like the LONGEST time, but one bored afternoon, I finally opened it and started reading. I was hooked ever since.
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